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Small Business Ideas: What Journalists are looking for from SMBs

Recently Enterprise Nation, a company which runs a support network for small businesses in the UK, ran an event called ‘meet the journalist’ in which a panel of  five journalists answered questions from Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs about how to get free advertising through media coverage.

The advice given by the journalists echo very closely to the advice we give on this site. Some major takeaways are:

  1. Stay on top of the news, especially in your niche
  2. Make sure you keep your pitches to a journalist relevant to their publication
  3. Make sure your communications with a journalist are straight to the point

It’s interesting to listen to the people asking questions getting frustrated that they haven’t discovered a magic bullet to media attention. But it just goes to show that these five respected journalists share our opinion that there’s no short cut to getting yourself featured in the media. You have to have the right story, pitched at the right time to the right journalist.

The panel go into some nice details so check out the video and make some notes!


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