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How to know you will get featured in the media

How to create a story that will get you featured in the media

Building relationships with journalists and bloggers is all about convincing them that you are a trusted source. Having a list of media contacts is no use unless you only call or email them when you have something genuinely newsworthy or genuinely ‘blogworthy’. You don’t want to be the person who spams their media contacts with a hastily written press release every time you try a new type of sandwich. That approach will see all your future emails and phone calls ignored.

So that’s why we’ve put together a flow chart which will help you decide whether you’ve got a story on your hands that the media will be interested in. We call its the story generator. Simply follow the flow chart process once a week or so to see if you can make the news.

Story Generator


One point to bear in mind is that these days blogs often like it if you can write or produce other media content for them. You’re not necessarily reliant on a blogger writing stories for you. So when you pitch your story to a blog, make sure you mention you’d be happy to write it for them.


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