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Ep 1 – How A Solopreneur Got Invited On Network TV More Than 500 Times

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The property consultant Henry Pryor is a remarkable entrepreneur who very early on in his business journey, took the decision to focus on PR over any other type of marketing. Without hiring a PR company, and totally off his own back, Henry managed to get his opinion in a national newspaper which led to TV and Radio appearances. Those appearances led to more and more and approaching a decade later, Henry has racked up hundreds of appearances on TV, Radio and also newspapers. Combined with his enthusiastic use of twitter and youtube, his successful publicity strategy has given him a profile of a company of hundreds or even thousands of employees. He has achieved all of this at no financial cost to himself. In this podcast Henry reveals his three golden rules for dealing with the media and shows that with the right attitude, you don’t need to hire a PR agent or spend money on advertising.

Lessons learned from this podcast:

Henry got his break by putting his own spin on something that was already a big story in the news. In his case he said that UK property prices had reached their peak, when every other property expert was saying that they were going to continue going up and up. Whether Henry was right or wrong didn’t really matter, what did matter was that he was saying something different, and was saying it in a way that was plausible. If you sound like you know what you’re talking about and you’re saying something contrary to the mainstream argument, the media are going to take notice of you because your opinion will spice up their stories. (this chimes with our 5 point plan for getting the media to notice you which can be found here)

Henry’s 3 golden rules for getting rebooked as a TV or Radio expert.

  • 1) If he’s invited he always say yes – even if it means dropping everything. Henry knows the value of his media profile and always makes any media appearance a priority
  • 2) Having said yes, he always turns up – cancelling on a producer or journalist is going to make them very unlikely to ever feature you again
  • 3) He doesn’t swear, or do anything too controversial and makes sure he has at least one, current, interesting thing to say

That basically boils down to one golden rule – be dependable

His extra rule is to always thank the journalist or the person that booked him. This is something that Henry says most guests on radio and TV forget to do, and may partly explain his excellent relations with the media.

Henry goes on to point out that when a reputable media company says you are an expert, the public will believe it too. He says that thanks to his media appearances he now has page after page of references on google, all describing him as a ‘property expert’. So when someone googles him for the first time, they get a terrifically good impression and this has made it much easier for new clients to trust him.

Henry estimates it would have cost him over £1 million in advertising and many hundreds of thousands in professional PR help to get where he is today. But fortunately he’s managed to achieve this all off his own back and completely for free!

Being incredibly modest, one thing that Henry doesn’t mention is what a great media performer he is. All the practice he’s had hasn’t hurt of course. But Henry is confident, funny and articulate. Combine that with consistently applying his three golden rules and it’s easy to see why Henry is asked back again and again on TV and Radio.

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