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How A Small Business Owner Used The Media To Quadruple Her Turnover

alison edgar

Alison Edgar is the owner of sales coaching solutions, a sales and customer service coaching provider in the South West of the UK. In 2014 she decided it was time to expand her relatively new business. Using PR as a bedrock of her strategy, she expanded her team threefold and quadrupled her income within 12 months. Pretty impressive going. In this episode of the Publicity Podcast, Alison explains how she did it.

Alison points out in her interview that a lot of her PR success came from taking part in Small Business Saturday and the UK Government’s growth voucher scheme, which also led to her being featured by Enterprise Nation . All of those things pushed her business on and allowed her to expand even further. So as a small business it’s worth thinking about being a proactive part of a bigger organisation that has something to do with your business. The chances are they will have professional PR support, or simply as a bigger organisation will have more chance of being covered by the media.

She also talks about how getting mentions in the media can have a ripple effect in social media. Her success on linkedin and twitter has partially been fuelled by her mentions by 3rd party media outlets.

Make sure you check out our blog on setting up your first pr strategy. It covers a lot of the theory that Alison put into practice so well.

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