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Media Advertising Cost: How much is it really?

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It Can Seem Like An Attractive Quick Fix. But How Much Does Media Advertising Cost?

When you’re launching a business or looking to make a name for yourself advertising is an attractive option. But that might be until you see the prices. Media advertising on a scale that is going to reach people in a meaningful way is far from cheap. In this blog post we’ve put together the latest figures on how much it costs to buy advertising space in the media. If you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to advertise on TV, Radio, Magazines or Newspapers we’ve got it covered.

It’s fair to assume that the media companies have calculated their prices on years of experience based on what a mention of a certain size on their media platform is worth. Looking at these eye-watering figures it’s no wonder so many people and companies who aren’t on big budgets are switching their efforts from ads towards trying to get free mentions in the media instead.

As an example based on these figures, if you or your brand can be the subject of a quarter page article in the Daily Telegraph, the newspaper themselves have estimated that coverage is worth at least a value of £22,000. That price also doesn’t take into consideration that audiences tend to take more notice of articles than adverts.

N.B. the following figures are just for buying the space, or airtime. They do not take into consideration any costs for producing the ads, which especially for television is going to be extremely expensive.

So before you open your wallet to advertise, consider how dealing with the media can get you the same publicity for free.




According to GQ’s latest rate card :

  • • Well placed full colour ad £40,800
  • • Regular page full colour ad £17,000
  • • Half page £8,450




The Daily Telegraph

According to the Telegraph’s latest rate card :

  • • Full page colour ad £59,000
  • • Half page £43,500
  • • Quarter Page £22,000


The Times

According to the Times’ latest rate card :

  • •  Full page colour ad £27,000


The Sunday Times

According to the Times’ latest rate card :

  • • Full page colour ad £97,000


The Sun

According to the Sun’s latest rate card :

  • • Full page colour ad £55,502
  • • Half page £30,526
  • • Quarter Page £23,000


Local Newspaper (with readership of around 50,000)

  • • Full page colour ad £3,000
  • • Half page £1,500
  • • Quarter Page £800


According to

“a week-long campaign that uses a 30 second ad (minus production costs) could cost anything from:

  • £500 on a local station
  • £2,500 on a regional station
  • • Upwards from £10,000 on a national station”


According to the costs for a single 30 second ad are as follows:


  • • Daytime average: £5,725
  • • Peak average: £32,000


Channel 4

  • • Daytime average: £3,575
  • • Peak average: £6,400


We hope you found this media advertising cost breakdown useful. If you’re wondering how to get publicity in the media and get huge publicity and credibility for you or your business, try our Full Report on Getting the Media’s Attention. It shows you how to follow a simple 3 step programme that will make you and your story irresistible to the media.

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  • Mamdani

    What does the Daily Mail charge people. Like you know the Kartrashians have some kind of ad deal with them for 20 plus new articles about themselves a day.

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