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Amazing Facts about the Media Industry You Need to Read

As we add more and more content to this site we keep finding amazing facts about the media industry that we think need to be highlighted to give our audience an up to date picture of the media landscape. We'll continue to add facts in infographic form as we come across them so keep checking back every so often to discover more.


A full page ad in a national newspaper costs £60,000

More than half of everything you see, read or hear in the media was put there through the actions of a PR professional

and this figure is growing all the time

The PR industry was worth £7bn in 2011


Today it's worth £10bn


The PR industry employs 62000 people in the UK alone

That means there's more PRs than journalists!

90% of Americans listen the Radio every week

and advertising spend on radio is growing at 2%

We hope you enjoyed those facts. If you're interested in getting a free 4 part video series training that shows you how to get the media's attention and build your brand click here.

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