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How Often Should A Business Post On Social Media

how often should businesses post to social media


How Often Should A Business Post On Social Media?


For most small and micro-businesses Social Media doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to work. Followers are hard to come by and when they do start to get involved with your social feeds they seem very difficult to get any engagement from. This is despite the fact a lot of experts keep going on about how Social Media is supposed to be the big answer to all your problems. As part of a test to see if I could get my business mentioned in a national newspaper I actually commissioned a poll which revealed that up to two-thirds of UK small businesses think that social media is a waste of time.

There’s two main reasons why micro businesses, small businesses and startups don’t succeed with social media. The first is that they choose the wrong platforms, or spread themselves across too many platforms; and the second is they don’t post often enough. A lot of businesses fundamentally underestimate the amount of social media updates they need to get attention and the consistency with which they need to be posted.

Below is a really useful infographic from the social media reporting business sumall . They have used some big data sets to work out the average amount that a business should be posting on the various different major social platforms.

To summarise their findings:

• To make the most of Pintrest you want to be posting 5 times a day.

• To make the most of Twitter you want to be posting 3 times a day.

• To make the most of Google+ you want to be posting 3 times a day.

• To make the most of Facebook you want to be posting 2 times a day.

• To make the most of Instagram you want to be posting 2 times a day.

• To make the most of LinkedIn you want to be posting once a day.

• If you write 2 blog posts a week you will double your leads.


Too much to handle? Consider a Social Media Planning Service


While that sounds a lot of time to spend everyday on social media you can save an awful lot of time by using a social media planning service. These are online tools that you will need to pay for, but which allow you to schedule up to a month’s social media in one go. I find I can schedule a month’s worth of social media in 4 hours.

As well as helping you schedule your social media posts, a lot of the tools also offer analysis of what your most successful social media posts were, allowing you to repeat them or do more of the same.

Some social media planners we’ve used include:

Hootsuite £6.99 a month (a good place to start and covers a lot of social platforms)

CoSchedule from $15 a month (although this is best if you are writing regular blog content)

Some social planners that we’ve heard good things about:

Meet Edgar $49 a month (saves a lot of time but auto-scheduling your social media updates, but only works with twitter, Facebook and linkedin)

• Buffer $10 a month (makes it very easy to share things directly from your browser)


how often to post on social media

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