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PR Tools: The Top Tools Public Relations Pros Use For Getting Media Attention

As the leading visionary or key staff member of your business, there’s no-one better to sell your product or services than you. When it comes to gaining publicity in the media, one of the main advantages that a PR professional has over the entrepreneur is the armoury of resources and tools at their disposal.  At Deal with the Media, we’ve scoured the internet and talked to our extensive media network to come up with a list of 12 PR tools that PR professionals are using in their work every day, so that small business people and entrepreneurs can utilise them too. Here’s a list of the first 5:



This site identifies journalists on twitter and allows you to search through all their twitter feeds simultaneously to see if they are, or have been mentioning your niche on twitter. The basic service is free but you can pay for extended functionality (like email alerts and access to a bigger database) from $79 a month



Enter a keyword into a simple interface and this site gives you the most common questions people are asking about that keyword right now online, in the form of an attractive graphic. This is a useful tool for finding new content subjects for you to write a blog about, or to pitch a story about to a journalist.


A piece of software that automatically suggests edits for prose writing. It’s aimed at fiction writers, but PR professionals have started to use it to analyse their own copy as it’s a great way of correcting those annoying mistakes in blogs, press releases and even emails that you can’t believe you didn’t notice. Packages start at $5 a month


A site that allows you to upload a press release or a product for review, which will then be sent out to the sites’ ‘partner bloggers’ for them to feature on their sites. Each release costs $250. This is effectively what’s known in the movies as ‘product placement’ so can be a useful shortcut on the work that a regular publicity drive can take. But be warned: an article on a product that someone has been paid to like is probably never going to be as beneficial in the long-term as an article inspired by genuine enthusiasm for the topic.



Often dealing with the media requires a fair bit of image creation. If you haven’t got the budget to hire a designer for bespoke graphics, this site has a ton of templates that you can tweak in order to make professional looking images, social media posts, proposals and even eye-catching press releases. It’s free to use, but you have to pay $1 each time you want to use any photo from its image library.



If you’d like to see the remaining 7 Pr tools in our guide to the best resources used by PR professionals that generate massive publicity, click the button below.


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