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What Makes Corporate Social Media Accounts Work?

Particularly when you’re starting off, a social media feed will only succeed and grow if it provides a genuine service that people want. If your social account is just about selling your business activities in more than 20% of your social media updates you can forget about success on social.

That means that your social media accounts might not have anything directly to do with your business. But they must serve the same audience that you want to attract for your business. For example:

If you’re a local business (like a local independent cafe) curating information from the local area works really well. For example providing information about local events, telling people what the weather is like in the local area that day, even updating people on the local traffic – gives you a constant stream of excuses to post updates on social media in a way that is 100% non-intrusive and 100% useful to your audience. Local people (your audience) will love you for it and share your updates on a regular basis.

Bigger businesses with successful social channels create a huge amount of funny content or curate content from other channels that their audiences will want to see. For example Paddy Power, the betting company, have a constant stream of jokes about the sporting news and also show clips of fantastic sporting clips.

If your social channels are not growing organically you are not serving your target audience in the right way. You need to work out what they want to be served and serve it to them.

Inspiration – If you can regularly post inspirational quotes or thoughts that serve to inspire your target audience, that’s a useful service.

Information Curation – Can you post links to all the useful things or topical news that will serve your target audience’s needs?

Entertainment – Are you genuinely funny or can create brilliant art that your target audience will enjoy?

Chunking Your Existing Content – If you have an existing blog stacked full of useful free content, consider taking small snippets (or ‘chunks’) of that content and putting out online. If it’s  genuinely useful it will be shared and consumed.

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