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Getting the Media’s Attention Webinar Welcome

without hiring an expensive public relations consultant


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Presenter: BBC & MTV TV Producer & Media Trainer Pete Walter


“As a TV Producer (BBC, Channel 4 & MTV) and Media Trainer of blue-chip companies I often get asked by smaller businesses or entrepreneurs with little budget to spare on getting publicity how they can get noticed by the media. Having helped many businesses to deal with the media and also having been a media producer, I’ve seen the process of getting publicity from both sides. I’ve used my experience to put together an in-depth, totally free, webinar that gives a clear three-step process to massively increase your chances of getting invaluable publicity. “


The webinar is going to cover:

1) How to find out exactly what media your audience is consuming, so you can pitch to the most relevant media outlets.

2) How to think like a journalist so your story stands out to a journalist when you pitch it

3) How to build a relationship with a journalist so they are more likely to use your story.


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