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I’m Pete Walter. It seems like I’ve spent my whole life involved with the media in some way. My Dad was a broadcast journalist for BBC and ITN and I grew up around cameras and visiting TV and Radio studios. I became a TV producer making shows like MTV News and the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are and working with everyone from big stars like Russell Brand and Paul McCartney to entrepreneurs and experts making their first appearances in the media. From 2008-2013 I worked for BBC News, the world’s largest broadcast news organisation (to the right is my well worn ID pass from those days featuring significantly shorter hair!). Along the way I’ve played and sung in a few bands and in 2014 I ran the Brighton Marathon, moonwalking across the finishing line.

My Story

That’s a picture of me sitting on the ancient coronation stone of the Ethiopian Emperors in Axum, north Ethiopia back in 2012. A little out of context you might think, but it was in Africa, a few days before this picture was taken, that I came up with the idea for Deal With The Media and began to take a new direction in my life. A few months earlier my Dad, an eminent BBC journalist, had passed away and I took this trip to do some thinking.

Before he died my Dad asked me if I wanted to take over his media training business (aka providing expensive media consultation to big companies) that he’d worked hard to build up in the last few years. At the time I was still a full time TV producer and I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to give all that up. I liked the idea of keeping my Dad’s business going, but it didn’t seem like a vocation.

Then it hit me.

By taking all the information (plus a whole lot more) locked up in the expensive media training delivered by Dad’s company and putting it online, it could make a real difference to a lot of people who want to get the media’s attention, but might not otherwise have the budget to achieve it. So Deal With The Media was born, and I’ve been working hard ever since to turn that vision into a reality.

Why Deal With The Media?Laughing lo-res

With this website you are going to get a unique look at how to grow your business through getting free publicity with the media. I will be sharing as honestly and transparently as possible my successes with getting the media’s attention for myself as well as sharing lots of expert tips from entrepreneurs, campaigners and media professionals about what’s working on both sides of the media coin for them.

If you’ve started the process of dealing with the media, I hope that my experiences, good and bad, plus the expert advice and coaching you can access on this site can help you reach your goals.

If you haven’t yet started dealing with the media you can see what it’s like, see what’s working and make informed decisions so you don’t waste any time or money on chasing publicity you were never going to get.

Please feel free to subscribe to my email list below. You’ll get the blueprint to the proven system I’ve devised to get anyone media attention, plus free training so you can start putting it in place for your own business or brand today. You’ll also get some further free resources and links to my best content straight to your inbox.


And finally, please read this carefully:

I’m not special. Any success I’ve had with the media or otherwise has come through learning some techniques that have been proven to work and then working hard to put them into practice. My aim is to show you how you can achieve success with the media by following a similar path. It’s not going to happen overnight. But I truly believe with a little dedication and the right guidance, anyone can do it.

If you need some help, just use the contact form (at the bottom of the page) to send me an email, or go direct via pete at dealwiththemedia dot com, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the site sometime soon!


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